young lives transformed, communities strengthened.

yourtown is a charity with services young people can access to find jobs, learn skills, become great parents and live safe happy lives. 

Since 1961, we've been tackling the issues impacting young people in Australia.

Today, these include mental health and unemployment, and taking on issues like domestic and family violence.

"To deliver services that make a real difference to young lives we need to be clear about the outcomes we’re aiming for to know where we’re going."

- Tracy Adams

Chair and CEO’s message

There can be no perfect science when it comes to delivering services, however we can and do aspire to excellence.

Our focus continues to be on ensuring that the programs and services we deliver to children, young people and families are relevant, welcoming and inclusive, and most importantly deliver results.

The high demand for many of our services, including Kids Helpline, has meant that we need to find ways to extend and expand our reach to the most vulnerable in our communities. Achieving adequate financial resources is crucial to creating a sustainable future.

In addition to our direct service delivery, advocacy remains a key priority for us, giving voice to those who may not otherwise be heard.

We never take for granted that our work is made possible by the community and once again this year we have seen strong support for our Art Unions, from corporate supporters and through our fundraising programs.

We hope you enjoy reviewing this year’s Annual Report. We look forward to sharing with you the progress of our new initiatives and we thank you for your ongoing support.

How we helped

Our aim is to be part of the solution by delivering services that get results.

yourtown received close to 200,000 contacts from those reaching out for help in 2017-18. These included:

180,177 supported by

Counselling and Support via Kids Helpline’s 24/7 service for children and young people in Australia, Kids Helpline @ School, Parentline for parents and carers, and face-to-face support.

5 most common reasons children and young people sought help in 2017

Mental Health
Family Relationships
Emotional Wellbeing
Dating & partners

17,438 supported by

Job Training and Employment services that give young people extra life choices and get them jobs.

"We leave no stone unturned and go where we know we’ll find young people looking for a chance. Getting a job can be tough and some kids have just given up. We let them know they don’t have to."

- Frankie Motilal
Smart Skilled and Hired YEP Manager

709 supported by

Family and Community services that help young families learn positive parenting and strengthen connections with the community.

& 249 supported by

Accommodation services that support families facing homelessness and/or domestic and family violence.

Just providing a roof over heads is not enough

San Miguel Manager Alison Schneidereit recalls a teenage mum who came to the centre after being under the care of the Government for two years due to allegations of sexual abuse by a family member.

“She’d been couch surfing and had had several accommodation placements. Becoming pregnant she was forced to leave her accommodation service because it wasn’t equipped to support young parents. Again she found herself in an unsafe situation. Fortunately, she was able to come to San Miguel,” Ms Schneidereit said.

“Over a nine month period we looked at why she was homeless in the first place, helping her to establish positive healthy relationships, work through past trauma and develop independent living skills. We gave her the support needed to find a way forward.”

314 supported by

Education and Engagement services that support young people to remain in school and offer other positive pathways.

Finding her voice

School had become a kind of hell for Alex, 14. Relentlessly bullied for “being different”, she struggled with high levels of anxiety, self-harm and other significant mental health issues. Alex rarely went to school and found interacting with anyone, anywhere almost impossible.

yourtown’s FLO program worked with Alex, her Mum, school and local health services to explore new ways to tackle challenges and connect with the community.

Through a youth-based music program she began to literally find her voice, recording “Awakened”, an album expressing her innermost thoughts.

Her Mum said the change in Alex has been amazing. She is now happier and looks forward to attending yourtown and was even confident enough to look for a job. Just last week she found one.

Next up she plans to look at further study in music and is aspiring to sing with a band.

202 supported by

Services specifically for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples that create job options and education opportunities.

"I hadn’t had anything like that before that helped me focus on what I needed to do. Since I’ve engaged with yourtown I’ve achieved every single goal."

- Beau Anderson
IYET program participant

Estimate based on available data. Contact numbers for Kids Helpline and Parentline may include contacts by the same individual more than once. Participation numbers for our other services are usually per individual only, although individuals may have contact with the service more than once or access more than one service.

Our Supporters

With our work predominately funded by the community, it’s together and by association that we give young people choices and the chance of a brighter future.

We are enormously grateful for the generous and collaborative relationships we enjoy with supporters who engaged with us throughout the year.

Our funding

In the 2017-18 financial year, yourtown contributed more than $50 million to providing crucial services for young people across Australia and more than $1 million was allocated to advocating for positive systemic change.


Total revenue

Art Unions
Rendering of Services
Government & Other Grants
Philanthropic & Corporate Income
Interest & Other Income


How we spent our revenue

Client Services
Art Union Prizes
Art Union Marketing & Administration
Corporate Administration
Retained Surplus
Fundraising other than Art Union

This year our Revenue increased to $101M, the first time we ever achieved a revenue in excess of $100M.

We also reported our largest ever surplus at $6.5M. This is almost double the surplus achieved in 2016-17 primarily from our commitment to strong financial governance and our strategic priority of organisational sustainability.

Our operating surplus/deficit

Read more in our detailed Annual Financial Report 2018.

We have worked hard to achieve a surplus that will enable us to innovate and optimise virtual services as well as extend and expand our services in communities identified as experiencing significant disadvantage.

In the coming year we will introduce new programs aimed at supporting young people who are long-term unemployed, extend the WebChat hours offered by Kids Helpline, increase the capacity of our young parents’ homelessness centre in Sydney and introduce a new early childhood development program in Northern Adelaide.


Our work is predominantly funded by one of the largest and longest running charitable Art Unions in Australia. We are immensely grateful to our supporters, the investment of our governments and corporate partners, and those who give generously via donor, bequest and Workplace Giving programs.

yourtown received $3.6M in donations through its campaigns from community and corporate fundraising activities (not including the Art Union), which means 81% of these funds go directly to the services we provide.

"Buying a ticket has changed my life but I'm glad to think I helped others in some way as well."

- Jennifer O'Dowd

This year we ran 10 high-end luxury house and five prestige car Art Unions in line with government regulation and professional principles and standards of fundraising practice.

With the increasing cost of purchasing our Prize Home properties, costs associated with running luxury Prize Home Art Unions are higher than other fundraising activities.

This year we were pleased to achieve a net income of $25M with $19.5M contributing to services for young people.

"It's a great feeling to help people who are struggling to do something they may not have previously been able to do."

- Darren Palmer

Planning for the future

In the coming years, we hope to increase charitable donations and partnerships that advance our Mission, while continually growing Art Union revenue.

Creating opportunities for surplus funds means we can invest in communities for the long-term and undertake systemic planning with communities that build independence and help young people reach their full potential.

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