Every young person has the right to a brighter future. We aim to be part of the solution, getting results.

Last year, yourtown received close to 230,000 contacts from those reaching out for help.

Over 19,000 young people were helped to gain vital skills to get a job.

More than 178,000 contacts were made with Kids Helpline and Parentline counsellors, and thousands more took part in other training and wellbeing services.

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Kids Helpline

No matter how big or small the problem, we help young people express themselves, build confidence and live safely.

Young people contact us about anything, from relationships with friends and family and school worries, through to homelessness, child abuse, body image, mental health, self-injury and suicide.

We work closely with child protection authorities in every state and territory to help inform social policy and keep children and young people safe. In 2016, we initiated 1,907 emergency care actions that in some cases, literally saved lives.

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Work Enterprises

Young people face some pretty tough obstacles when looking for a job, including a lack of skills and experiences. yourtown empowers young people to help break the cycle of unemployment.

Over 2,500 young people have benefited from paid work experience through yourtown’s Work Enterprises over the last 16 years. Trainers provide young people with vocational skills and knowledge. They also take on the important role of mentor, encouraging young people to adopt positive work attitudes, habits and personal behaviours required for future employment.

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