Our governance is driven by a commitment to continuous improvement and accountability.


yourtown is a registered charity under Australian charities legislation and a public company limited by guarantee under corporations law.

We maintain quality certifications and our practices align with or exceed industry standards.  Certifications include the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management Systems Standard for: Governance, Corporate Services and our services and policies align to the Quality Assurance Standard and the Business Excellence Framework GB 014.1- 2007, and Australian and New Zealand AS Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

Our Board of Directors meets eight times a year reviewing strategic recommendations, management accounts and detailed reports about our performance. The Board is also informed by the Audit and Risk Management Committee, Strategy Advisory Committee and a Board Advisory Committee each meeting three times a year. 

5 year financial summary

Revenue increased for the fourth time in five years to a record


$91 million

Revenue & Expenditure
2015 - 162014 - 152013 - 142012 - 132011 - 12
Total Revenue90,55583,21981,57980,36485,615
Total Expenditure90,94481,51079,56578,87185,482
Surplus (Deficit)(389)1,7092,0141,493133
Assets & Liabilities
2015 - 162014 - 152013 - 142012 - 132011 - 12
Total Assets63,95958,55960,72356,52258,628
Total Liabilities18,77113,06016,92114,81717,893
Net Assets45,18845,49943,80241,70540,735
Cash Flows
2015 - 162014 - 152013 - 142012 - 132011 - 12
Net Cash from operating activities(3,100)6176,9304,1011,740
New cash from investing activities804(10,439)(3,780)1,787(3,780)
Net cash from financing activities000(2,147)0
Net increase / (decrease) in cash(2,296)(9,822)3,1503,741(2,040)
Cash & cash equivalents at 30 June3,1545,45015,27212,1228,381

The organisation's balance sheet remains strong, with an asset base that allows us to continue to invest in our services and facilities. The strength of our balance sheet, especially our focus on working capital management, ensures the long-term sustainability of yourtown.

Assets have intentionally increased as we planned further ahead and purchased a number of Art Union Prize Homes. We are proud that we are able to continue to provide exceptional Art Union prizes, while keeping our costs within strict controls.

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